ARK of Elegance Designs and Events


is here to provide you with the essentials for any event. We are here to assist with planning your event from start to finish making sure the big day is as enjoyable as you desire. All you have to do is show up and enjoy. We offer creative and stylish decor for your event with themed or personally designed glasses and centerpieces. We also provide table clothes, chair sashes, and colored napkins for your event with an array of color selections to choose from for the special day. Your wedding sets can be personalized according to any theme or color scheme and embroidered personalization is also available. 


Candy or Dessert buffet table set-ups available. 


Additional service referrals can be provided with any events booked or items purchased through ARK of Elegance. 


At ARK of Elegance, we pride ourselves in providing services with a professional and elegant touch and design always. 

Referrals Available



Professional and licensed catering referrals available for any type of event.


Pastries and Sweets

Referrals available upon request and once purchased can be set-up and displayed as part of an event when booked through ARK of Elegance.


Candy Tables

Themed and designed with you in mind with an array of selections to suit your needs just for you and your special occasion.

Musicians and DJ's